Visiting Edinburgh

Get the inside track on what people just like you are doing during the Edinburgh Festivals. We know visitors are never the same but this site brings together the highlights so you can discover your own experience. 

On a budget? Money no object? Eager to sample something new and unexpected? Here are a few closely-guarded secrets.

Edinburgh Guide

Edinburgh is a magical city. Beautiful architecture, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, stunning natural landscapes, and a rich blend of the old and the new.

Best of the best

Want a hassle free festival experience with the best seats, beds and restaurant tables in the city? Here’s our tips for ensuring you have a five star festival trip.

On a shoestring

Booking a bargain at the festivals is easy if you know how. For summer festival savings there’s a host of handy ways to see more shows for less.

Anything goes

Anything is possible in Scotland from white water rafting to luxury spa treatments in ancient castles. Invite the unexpected: explore, go wild or unwind in wider Scotland.

Exploring Scotland

Some of the world's most spectacular scenery and most enduring experiences are just a short trip away. Why not extend your visit to Edinburgh's Festivals and explore Scotland?

Experience Authentic Scotland

Experience the wealth and diversity of Scottish culture in Edinburgh and beyond...

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