White Rabbit Red Rabbit

VENUE : Summerhall: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

FESTIVAL: Edinburgh Festival Fringe


No rehearsals. No director. No set.

A different actor reads the script cold for teh first time at each performance. Will you participate? Will you be manipulated?

Will you listen?

Will you really listen?

"I was born on Azar 19th, 1360 in Tehran. That's Tehran, December 10th, 1981 in Christian years..."

29 years old, forbidden to leave his country, playwright Nassim Sollmannour distills the experience of an entire generation n a wild, utterly original play. White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is a work about contemporary Iran and of Nassim's generation. A generation born amidst the hardship of teh Iran-Iraq war. A generation of computer-literate, well-informed young people who have never known an Iran other than the Islamic Republic.


Running time: 60 mins

from 20/08/2013
to 24/08/2013

This event has no further performances scheduled at this time

Venue Details

Summerhall: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

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