Explore the role of travelling storytellers and their contribution to culture at the 2013 Scottish International Storytelling Festival.


Scotland's Stories

Aug 19

The 2014 Edinburgh International Storytelling Festival explores our histories, and our relation to place...

2014 Dates Announced for Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Oct 29

A sneak peak at what's in store from our storytellers...

Beyond the Bedtime Story

Oct 15

Grab the kids’ hands and leap into magical journeys through time and around the world at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival... 

Once Upon A Journey

Oct 09

Let the 2013 Storytelling Festival take you away... 

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Seasons of Stories and Celebrations

As the summer slips away, we look to what pleasures we can expect in the seasons ahead.

Tell Us A Story

The Storytelling Festival brings together ancient tradition and modern knowledge from across the world...

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